Lenox MacLaren® is an evolution of excellence in the design and fabrication of a master set of high-performance, sculpting instrumentation – exclusively designed to assist in the art of Spinal Neurosurgery.

We are proud to have the ongoing honor and distinction of working directly with spine and neurosurgeons worldwide to bring ingenious design to their groundbreaking procedures.

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Lenox MacLaren® instruments are the direct result of a collaboration among the innovative talents of Design Engineers Linda K. Lenox, Walter E. Strippgen and Spine Surgeons Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, Dr. Charles F. Heinig, Dr. Eduardo Luque, Dr. Samuel “Sam” Chewning, and Dr. Marc Asher. All inventors hold multiple patents for devices and implant systems that have revolutionized spine and neurosurgery.

We furnish the most demanding and skilled spinal neurosurgeons in the world with the finest spinal neurosurgical instrumentation. Our instruments are preferred for preparing the site for spinal implant, fusion and a myriad of other surgeries related to the spine, its injuries and deformities. We offer a complete selection of bone sculpting curettes, osteotomes, elevators, chisels, and gouges, as well as a wide variety of instruments designed expressly for Spinal Neurosurgery.

From design to fabrication, our exclusive spinal neurosurgical instrumentation is made entirely on-site at our facility, which is located in the Colorado Tech Center in Louisville, Colorado, (USA). Competitors have tried and failed to reverse engineer our instruments. In practice, there is no comparison. Our exclusive trademarked Lenox MacLaren®, Boachie Sharps®, and Wallie Heinig® Spinal Neurosurgical instruments can only be purchased directly from Lenox MacLaren®.

We are a surgical instrument company singularly dedicated to Spinal Neurosurgery. This is not a sideline, this is the only thing we do.

You can view and download our interactive catalog HERE. Contact us if you would like to place an order or have further inquiries.



EMAIL: lml@lenoxmaclaren.com
PHONE: 720-890-9660

Lenox MacLaren® only accepts Purchase Orders originating directly from the hospitals and clinics where the surgeries are performed or to the surgeons themselves.