We are innovative pioneers dedicated to improving all aspects of Spinal Neurosurgical procedures.

The Instruments

Lenox MacLaren® precision instruments are designed exclusively for and by spinal neurosurgeons – combining passionate creative minds with superior talents in metallurgy, physics and engineering. The manipulative abilities of our innovative bone-cutting instruments can result in less time and fatigue for the surgeon, and for the patient, less trauma and bleeding, as well as faster healing. We are singularly dedicated to improving all aspects of your spinal neurosurgical procedures.

We have taken the lead in furnishing the finest spinal neurosurgical instrumentation to the most demanding and skilled surgeons in the world. We are an evolution of excellence in the design and fabrication of a master set of high-performance, bone sculpting curettes, osteotomes, elevators, chisels, and gouges, as well as a wide variety of instruments designed expressly for Spinal Neurosurgery.

From design to fabrication, our exclusive spinal neurosurgical instrumentation is made entirely on-site at our facility, which is located in the Colorado Tech Center – Louisville, Colorado, USA.

Many of our competitors have tried and failed to reverse engineer our instruments. In practice, there is absolutely no comparison.

A Bit of History

Since 1982, Linda K. Lenox has collaborated with the pioneers of modern spinal implant systems and spinal neurological technique. The result is a collection of instruments uniquely designed for surgeon comfort, balance, and superior cutting edges. We understand that the preparation of the site for implant is key to insuring good patient outcomes.

Lenox MacLaren® Wallie Heinig® Boachie Sharps® our exclusive trademarked instrument lines are the direct result of a collaboration among the innovative talents of Design Engineers Linda K. Lenox, Walter E. Strippgen and Spine Surgeons Dr. Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, Dr. Charles F. Heinig, Dr. Eduardo Luque, Dr. Samuel “Sam” Chewning and Dr. Marc Asher. All inventors holding multiple patents for devices and implant systems that have revolutionized spine and neurosurgery.


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