About Us

Innovative Pioneers Dedicated to Improving All Aspects of Your Surgical Procedures

Lenox MacLaren® is a surgical instrument company dedicated to providing the finest spine and neurosurgery instruments to the most demanding and skilled surgeons in the world. Focusing our attention on developing the perfect instruments for your procedures.

We offer a complete selection of bone cutting curettes, osteotomes, elevators, chisels and gouges, as well as a wide variety of instruments to prepare the site for spine/neurosurgery and implant. Our goal is to make instruments that complement your talent.

Since 1982 Linda K. Lenox has collaborated with many of the pioneers of modern spinal implant systems and surgical technique. The result is an ergonomic collection of instruments uniquely designed for balance, comfort and outstanding cutting edges.

Many of our competitors have tried and failed to reverse engineer our instruments. In practice, there is no comparison.

We strive to set standards in our field. Each instrument is designed and fabricated to exacting specifications on-site in our facility located in the Colorado Tech Center Louisville, Colorado USA.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  We will be happy to help you with your special request. All products are not listed on our website or in our catalog.

For further information, request a quote or catalog contact us at 720-890-9660 or email us at lml@lenoxmaclaren.com