Product Design


Lenox MacLaren Surgical Instruments® are the finest orthopedic and neurological instruments available. We have a worldwide reputation for the finest cutting edges, superb balance, and lightweight, quick-cooling handles.

Wallie-Heinig® and Boachie Sharps® instruments are specifically designed for maneuverability, comfort, and maximum control. Lenox MacLaren® instruments provide surgeons with the very best tool to do their procedures efficiently and safely. Surgeons will experience less fatigue, and their patients less trauma and faster healing.

Wallie-Heinig® and Boachie Sharps® instruments are only available through Lenox MacLaren®. Instruments sold under the Wallie-Heinig® or Boachie Sharps® name or mark, or that are purchased directly from any company other than Lenox MacLaren®, are products that are neither licensed nor authorized by Lenox MacLaren®.

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