Lenox MacLaren Surgical®

Lenox MacLaren Surgical Corporation® has for over 25 years taken the lead in furnishing Spinal/Neuro-surgeons with the finest instruments available. Instruments preferred for preparing the site for spinal implant, fusion and a myriad of other surgeries related to the spine, its injuries and deformities.

These instruments are the direct result of the creative and innovative talents of Master Craftsmen Walter "Wallie" E. Srippgen and Linda Lenox, Dr. Oheneba Boachie - Adjei, Dr. Charles F. Heinig, Marc Asher, Samuel "Sam" Chewning, Dr. Barooze Akbarnia and Dr. Eduardo Luque, who are all pioneers in the development of implant systems and instrumentation for surgical procedures on the spine.

Lenox MacLaren® is the only distributor and manufacturer of our registered trade marked Wallie- Heinig® and Boachie Sharps® line of instruments.

Lenox MacLaren® has the continued distinction of working directly with surgeons' worldwide, bringing ingenious design to their groundbreaking procedures.

Lenox MacLaren Surgical Corporation® is proud to be the exclusive provider of cutting edge instruments and devices for the finest surgeons in the world.