Devices and Instruments

Devices and Instruments

Bone Mill

  • Designed to deliver bone fragments of a preferred size for graft
  • Hand operated for easy use in surgery
  • Maximum graft retrieval with minimum effort

Table Top Rod Cutter

  • Designed to shear implant stainless and titanium rods leaving a smooth, flat, burr-free cut
  • Receives 4 sizes of rod without changing head


  • A variety of Hand held and Mechanical retractors available


Instrument Sterilization trays

  • Stainless steel instrument trays protect 8 instruments from electro-chemical corrosion during sterilization and blades from damage
  • Provides easy access and visibility


  • Offering a full line of Curettes, Osteotomes, Elevators, Trocars, and Probes

Lenox MacLaren™ specializes in custom instrument design and fabrication

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